Jasmine’s Study Abroad Bucket List: Argentina Edition

Jasmine’s Study Abroad Bucket List: Argentina Edition

Soon, I will begin my study abroad journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a Spanish and International Studies double major at Spelman College, I decided to study abroad for a semester during the fall of my junior year through the School for International Training (SIT). On August 27th, 2018, I will travel to Buenos Aires, with ten other students from the United States to learn, study, research, and experience life abroad. Every time I travel to another country, I create a bucket list of things I want to do there before I leave. From going to different cities in Argentina to visiting the country's national treasures, I hope to make lifelong memories while living in Buenos Aires for four months. Check out my bucket list below!  

1. Connect with the Afro-Argentine Community -

Argentina is known as a “white country” since most of its citizens come from European descent. But, there are still Argentines who are descendants of the African diaspora and identify as Afro-Argentine. According to my friend who studied abroad in Argentina in the past, there is an Afro-Argentine Community in Buenos Aires that I hope to connect with while I am there.

2. Celebrate my Birthday in Style -

While I am abroad, I will turn 21! This is the first time I'll be celebrating my birthday outside of my home country. For my birthday I hope to enjoy a traditional Argentine cake and eat steak at a local restaurant in Buenos Aires.

3. Visit Parque de la Memoria -

This park is a memorial to the thousands of victims of the "Dirty War" in Argentina. From 1976-1983, under the military coup, state-sponsored terrorism occurred, and around 30,000 political dissidents disappeared.

4. Take pictures in La Boca -

La Boca is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires that is known for its colorful buildings (great for Instagram posts).

5. Discover my research topic -

While abroad I am writing my senior thesis. I hope to get inspiration from living in Buenos Aires to conduct research on a topic surrounding international development or human rights issues.

6. Take a trip down south to the glaciers -

While I'm in Argentina, I want to take little trips around the country. If I have the time, I would like to go down south and see some of the amazing glaciers in the region of Patagonia.

7. Make Argentine Friends -

Since I'm not going to take classes at a university in Buenos Aires (I will be taking private lessons with my group), its very important to me to branch out and make Argentine friends. Whether it is meeting people at a local coffee shop or at the grocery store, I hope to make lifelong friends once I leave Argentina in December.

8. Take a day trip to San Telmo -

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, I'm looking forward to seeing its infamous street art and shopping at its famous flea market.

9. Shop at El Ateneo Grand Splendid -

The bookworm in me is dying to shop at this Argentine bookstore. Originally a theatre in the 1900s, this building was renovated and converted into a music and bookstore in the early 2000s.

10. Bike Ride Through Downtown Buenos Aires -

An easy way to see the beauty of the city!

11. Venture to Puerto de Frutos -

This riverfront market located in the town of Tigre just outside of Buenos Aires looks like the perfect place to buy some souvenirs for my family and friends.

12. Learn how to Tango/Take Tango lessons -

I’ve got to learn how to Tango from the best!

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