All in Dominican Republic

It is human to miss those who we leave behind as we travel the globe. Rather than dwell on what’s missing, this is the time to honor your opportunity by fostering your own home in the place that you are in. The experience of transcending boundaries is the very thing that pushes you to look within yourself to discover something new.  

My Body is not an Ornamented Surface

Experiencing objectification in a different country has made me realize that women of African descent share common struggles that follow us everywhere we go. Our femininity, and subsequently our humanity, are constantly at risk due to the legacy of colonization which continues to instill the myth that we do not belong to ourselves. The struggle to continuously maintain autonomy over ourselves in places where we were once enslaved is difficult to grasp, let alone accomplish.

Thoughts From The Plane

When I arrive in the Dominican Republic, I yearn to discover that there is more to life than the things that I acquire. I am excited to leave my material comforts behind, to rely more on my mind and less on my phone, to drop English and to speak something new. I am excited to be challenged in ways that make me continue to define who I am as a Black woman.