The Departure

As I sit here, less than 24 hours away from my departure, I'm nervous. Uncertain about what this new experience will bring. Curious about how I'll grow throughout roughly the next four months. I wonder what the flight will be like and how I will adjust. This is the first time I'll be this far away from my family for this long and though I'll have a homestay family I know it won't be the same. Thoughts cross my mind daily about what life will be like as a Black woman in Argentina. I know what I think and I know what I've heard but the truth is, in a matter of hours I'll know for myself and that scares me. With all this, as nervous as I am, I am also excited. Thrilled because I am the first on my mom's and second on my dad's side to ever do this and I know I have their full support. Ecstatic because I'm pursuing my dream of immersing myself in Latin American culture. Whatever this experience is, I know it will be exactly what I need and I'll take from it what I need.

By: Piersen Briggs

The Journey

So Many Questions