Visa Process for China

Here's a bit of the ridiculously lengthy Z visa process I have to go through for becoming an English Second Language (ESL) Teacher in China:

Step 1: Notarize your degree by contacting your University and using their notary.

Step 2: Get a background check and have it notarized.

Step 3: If you're bringing a spouse get your marriage license notarized.

Step 4: Get a Letter of Congress for each document from your local probate court.

Step 5: Mail it to your Secretary of State along with payment.

Step 6: Fill out the Authentication form for the Chinese embassy that you have to go to for your state.

Step 7: Go the embassy to hand them these forms.

Step 8: Return to the embassy to retrieve documents and pay fees.

Step 9: Scan documents and send them to your recruiter (the person who works for the company your teaching for).

Step 10: Wait for your work permit to be processed and mailed to you.

Step 11: Return to the embassy with the permit and Z visa paperwork. You may have to also be interviewed.

Step 12: When the visa comes in,  go pick it up from the embassy and pay fees.  

*Step 13: If you have a spouse you have to bring your Z visa and permit to the embassy with the S visa paperwork.

*Step 14: Return to the embassy to pick up the visa and pay fees.

I'm on step 10. Unfortunately, it'll take up to a month for my visa to get here. My departure date is set for April 18 but I don't think the visa will arrive by then. My recruiter is great and will probably push my arrival date back.

Wish me luck!  

By Vanity Washington

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